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by Yaj Com - Friday, 10 February 2023, 11:41 AM
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  • Very slow access to the question bank: Disabling "question statistics" in Manage question bank plugins removes the slowness probleM

  • Minimal Profile and New Account pages using JavaScript

    Here is a list of standard Moodle profile field IDs that you might want to hide:

    • Email display: fitem_id_maildisplay
    • MoodleNet Profile: fitem_id_moodlenetprofile
    • City: fitem_id_city
    • Country: fitem_id_country
    • Timezone: fitem_id_timezone
    • Description: fitem_id_description
    • First name – phonetic: fitem_id_firstnamephonetic
    • Last name – phonetic: fitem_id_lastnamephonetic
    • Middle name: fitem_id_middlename
    • Alternate name: fitem_id_alternatename
    • ID number: fitem_id_idnumber
    • Institution: fitem_id_institution
    • Department: fitem_id_department
    • Phone: fitem_id_phone
    • Mobile phone: fitem_id_phone2
    • Address: fitem_id_address
    • To install the code, navigate to Site Administration > Appearance > Additional HTML and add the following lines of JavaScript into the Before Body is Closed field:

    • <script>

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